Industry Uses For Hook and Loop

  • Top Movies That Used Hook and Loop

    Many people around the world use hook and loop for just about anything. There was recently a show which introduced using this fastener to keep your sheets from coming off of the bed. There are plenty of ways to use hook and loop to secure things in place without being seen, a trait that Hollywood finds very useful.

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  • TV Props Made from Hook and Loop

    In 1955, Swiss engineer George de Mestral patented the hook and loop fastener which came to be known as VELCRO®, or hook and loop fasteners. During the Apollo program, NASA saw this fastener as a way to secure a number of items in zero gravity conditions. It became an integral addition to the moon flights and helped to fasten the astronauts’ space boots and gloves. Is it any wonder that it would go on to be employed to construct props for TV sci-fi shows?

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  • Top Clothing Companies You Didn't Know Use VELCRO®

    Hook and loop has proven itself over and over to be a great tool for those who are aging or have a disability. It's amazing that the simple adjustment of using VELCRO® Brand fasteners could make such a difference in the disabled community. In fact, a few clothing companies have already caught on. Here are 4 top companies that use hook and loop in their clothing designs:
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  • Hook and Loop in the Warehouse - Efficiency and Organization in Industrial Environments

    Efficiency in a warehouse setting is comprised of three main factors: the productivity of your workers, organization and safety so nothing interrupts the workflow. They can all be helped along with the use of hook and loop fasteners.

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  • Introducing the 4D Program

    Some exciting changes are coming to! Our goal is to be the leader in hook and loop manufacturing solutions for industry. With that goal in mind, we have been busy analyzing how we interact with our customers and looking for ways we can better serve you. These efforts culminated in the development and launch of our new 4D Business Consulting Service. The 4D program is a structured approach to developing custom hook and loop fasteners. The purpose of the program is to get you the right hook and loop product for your application, as quick as possible, at the lowest total cost.
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  • Industry Spotlight- Hook and Loop in the Sport and Fitness Industry

    Hook and Loop fasteners play an important role in many products we use every day.  Because the fasteners provide years of trouble-free performance, it is easy to overlook the significant benefits they provide in a diverse array of applications.

    In this post, we feature some products in the Sport and Fitness industry that benefit from hook and loop fasteners. Let’s take a look at how hook and loop is used in a variety of sporting applications.

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